Advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture


We often buy furniture with the idea that they will serve us many years and that the investment in them is worthwhile. However, when choosing furniture, usually the factors for this choice are price, space and preferences. But when choosing furniture, you must also consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of the material from which they are made.

Advantages of pine furniture

The use of pine in the manufacture of furniture has many advantages that make pine one of the most preferred materials for furniture.

- It has already been mentioned that the light natural color of pine allows easy and deep coloring of pine elements and details, with natural and natural dyes. Pine furniture fits easily into the concept of eco furniture.

- Pine is a soft wood, but with proper assembly of furniture and processing of the material, you can achieve strength and durability, which few materials have.

- Pine is a light material and accordingly pine furniture is also light. The low weight makes them practical and mobile, and therefore allows easy movement.

- Pine is impact resistant. This fact makes it a material that can be used without damages for many years. It ages beautifully from use and time. Thus, pine furniture remains in perfect condition for a long time.

- Pine is resistant to shrinkage and swelling, as well as other influences, such as temperature, humidity. Pine being impact resistant makes it retain its original shape.

- Pine is an environmentally friendly product. It is easy to grow, some species of pine grow up to 60-70 cm in height per year. The felled pine trees are replaced with new ones, which grow relatively quickly and so the process is not interrupted and there is no risk of deforestation. The resources for growing them are also small. Accordingly, when considering the ratio of resource intensity-environmental-practical-quality, pine has one of the best results.

Disadvantages of pine material

The disadvantages of pine material in its use for furniture are very few.

One of the disadvantages is that the pine material wears out relatively quickly, against the background of artificial materials with which modern society is accustomed, such as MDF and particleboard. Of course, compared to natural materials, it is extremely resistant to wear, but it must still be acknowledged that there are more difficult-to-wear boards.

In addition, pine furniture should be maintained with care, because over time, pine is susceptible to pagination, under the influence of various external influences. However this natural patina also gives a natural aged look and the defect in this case becomes a wonderful effect. It should be emphasized that patination does not happen easily. The pine must has been subjected to severe conditions for this effect.

Another alleged drawback is that for some people, pine fits relatively hard into modern, contemporary and / or futuristic furniture styles. It is a matter of understanding, taste and feeling, rather than a matter of some serious defect of the pine material.

Pine maybe among the furniture materials with the most advantages and the least disadvantages. Pine is definitely a material worth using.

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