How to grow the best pine trees for the best furniture

In order to be able to make beautiful and durable pine furniture, the trees must be properly grown. This means that the trees are well cared for, in order for their wood to be strong, high quality, retaining its characteristics to the maximum. The care for pine trees is three-phase - care for protection against pests, care related to physical development, care for eliminating problems on the trees. How are the best pine trees actually grown for the best furniture?

Phase one: care for pest protection

Pest care must be constant. Because, once settled, the pests begin to damage the tree. And damaged wood is not suitable for use in furniture. The most common pests on pine trees are bark beetles, caterpillars and their larvae, bacterial diseases on the needles, improper staining again due to bacteria or fungi and others. Special care must be taken against these and similar pests. Excellent pine wood is one that has never been affected by pests.

Phase two: care for the physical development of the pine tree

Pine trees have dense and very pinnate branches and a shallow root system. Very often the roots of trees are located in the top layer of soil or even on the surface. For this reason, pine trees should be fertilized and watered regularly. This allows acceleration of development and provides better quality wood, to the top of each needle. Sometimes it is even necessary to remove healthy and beautiful branches from the tree, which do not allow proper air circulation around the tree or block the access of sunlight to the base of the trunk, which is important, especially in cases of superficial roots.

Phase three: care for troubleshooting trees

Any, even the smallest problem with the pine tree can have consequences on the tree structure, durability and longevity of the tree. Pine trees are very resilient and unpretentious, but when growing pine plantations for use in furniture production, the optimal result is sought, not just satisfactory. Any timely intervention such as pruning, removal of broken or withered branches, treatment of areas with fungus, treatment of areas with initial stages of decay or others, leads to a reduction in the percentage of defective areas on the tree, reducing structural problems in the wood and increasing the quality of the material.

In order to obtain quality pine furniture, the pine material used must be made of strong trees. Those who, from the seed to the huge tree, ready to be cut down to become beautiful furniture, have received adequate and selected care that meets their needs. Because only the best pine trees are transformed into the best and highest quality pine furniture.

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